Which type of person are you?

"I want to know I'm protected so I know I'll feel comfortable and secure should something unexpected occur."
This is the best reason for purchasing insurance. This person values making an educated decision and will be fully protected should they ever need to be. S/he understands that insurance protects against the "unknown," and that not all insurance is the same. There are many different levels of coverage and protection. This person understands that the cost of the plan is directly related to the level of benefits.

"I've never needed or used insurance. I'm very healthy and intend remaining that way."
This way of thinking is usually correlated with purchasing sub-standard insurance (not making an educated decision). By purchasing some form of insurance just to say "I have insurance" is buying a "price" not "benefits." Sadly, this person usually does not find out the low quality of insurance s/he purchased until the time it's needed-when it's too late. This can cause extreme financial hardship.

"I'll wait to buy insurance for when I actually need to use it."
This way of thinking is usually correlated with trying to purchase insurance at the time of need when insurance can't be bought. This person doesn't realize that insurance is meant to protect against possible future occurrences, not to protect against the present occurrences. Unfortunately, this person could also experience extreme financial hardship.


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